a new semi-permanent body art, what?


What is Jagua?

Newly taking the body-art scene by storm, this all-natural, semi- permanent stain is up and coming on the scene. Made from an amazonian fruit gel, and staining a blue-ish black in color- Jagua has tattoo-finatics and those afraid of commitment very excited about this incredible fruit.

Genipa Americana (how it’s known by natives) has its origins deep in the Amazon jungle. It is said by indigenous people to have magical properties and has been used for hundreds of years in tribal body art. With-in Amazonian tribes the jagua fruit tree is believed to be the tree of life, have antibiotic functions, and anyone who is decorated with the fruit turns a person to a fierce warrior. …So they say.

Similar to henna in application and idea- Jagua stains the skin a dark blue color for about two weeks. A great way to test out a tattoo or completely freak out your family into thinking you got a real tattoo. And not to mention- an incredible statement piece for all the up and coming festivals this year including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, ect. Schedule an appointment with mystic henna today.